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I.A.M.P.: International Association of Miniature Parks
Our Purpose


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Here we will explain the purpose of our organization. We may also include our mission statement on this page.

Organization Purpose

The aims of the association are:

1.1. To promote the cultural aspects of Miniature Parks as a platform for enhancing educational programs worldwide

1.2. To promote the concept of Miniature Parks worldwide within the travel and tourism industries.

1.3. To represent its members before other international organisations.

1.4. To provide an umbrella institution for its members, to watch over, protect and further the rights and interests of members engaged in the business of Miniature Parks and to cooperate with those other associations in the world having similar aims and objectives;

1.5. To assist and enable its members to act together in all matters appertaining to their trade interests; defining a quality critera and a quality label for Miniature parks;

1.6. To further the interchange of ideas and experiences between the amusement and leisure parks to establish and maintain a dialogue with national Governments and Institutions and to actively lobby through appropriate government departments, national and international tourist authorities the interests of Miniature Parks;

1.7. To monitor legislative proposals and other public matters affecting the industry and to take such action as may be deemed necessary;

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