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E-zine I.A.M.P. _ Membership Organization
Newsletter July 2003


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Annual Meeting IAMP  ---04.09-05.09.2003---
The annual IAMP meeting will be held in Minimundus, Klagenfurt (Austria) this year.
The programm:
-7.00 pm     Dinner in the hotel (optional)
-9.00 pm     Drive to Velden to the klangwelle   Wörthersee (optional)
-11.30 pm   Drive back to the hotel
-10.00 am    Meeting
  • Welcoming speech
  • Report of the committee
  • Re-election of the board


  • guest speakers
  1. Hasbro
  2. Rittal Schaltschränke GmbH

-3.30 pm     Drive to Minimundus (visit Minimundus and Planetarium)

-6.30 pm     Drive back to the hotel

-7.30 pm     Boattrip to Velden

-8.30 pm     Dinner at the Casino in Velden (incl. visit casino)

-12.00 pm    Drive back to the hotel


-9.00 am     Meeting

  • Report of every single park (10 minutes each)

11.30 am    Visit at the Schauselcherei with lunch

2.00 pm     Drive back to the hotel

2.30 pm     End of official meeting    



Miniatuur Walcheren
"De lange Jan"  -Big & Small-
De Lange Jan (church in the centre of Middelburg) and Miniatuur Walcheren have been combined. Visitors can combine both attractions, first they can visit the church in miniature and after they can climb the 207 stairs of the tower, which is 90,5 meters high. When the wheather is clear one can have a beautiful view over the island Walcheren and the other islands of Sealand. The real "Lange Jan" is at 5 minutes walking distance of Miniatuur Walcheren.
the modelbuilders in Walcheren have been quite busy the last few montshs with making new miniatures. This construction is part of a renovation plan which includes 60 new miniatures. 
rain-season at walcheren.
This is the hottest and dryest summer of the last 100 years on Walcheren, it didn't rain for weeks except ofcourse in Miniatuur Walcheren. From the first of August, when the temperature is over 25 degrees celsius, there is a refreshing shower of rain every hour in the miniature city.

Sacred Buildings in Madurodam.
A unique exhibition will be held from July 5 till September 30. Rügen-Park has provided its models for the collection of "Sacred Buildings". They are sacred because the buildings are institutions in their own right. Amongst others the Notre Dame from paris, St. Basil's Cathedral from the Red Square in Moscow, The Taj Mahal from India and the Frauenkirche from Dresden can be seen. The exhibition has been put together by Rügen-Park, as part of the collaboration between the IAMP members. Other parks that have loaned out models are: Klein-Erzgebirge, Minimundus, Italia in Miniatura and Mini-born.

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