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Newsletter February 2003


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Tim and Nick Dunn of Bekonscot Model Village have been working on the IAMP website since November 2002 and they are almost finished!
The website has been designed to be: Professional, Simple, Useful an Easy for members to communicate. It includes:
  • All about IAMP
  • About miniature parks
  • Member parks
  • Events
  • Press and Media
  • Contact IAMP
  • How to join IAMP
Every IAMP member will get a password and can log-in to change the details and pictures of their park, as well as see extra information about Events. There will also be a 'Suppliers List' so that member parks can add their useful suppliers of materials, technologies or services.
The website is expected to be ready in Februari!

Eiran Gazit and his team always figured that if they could get Mini Israel built, people would come. They first aimed for a Millennium eve opening and after that for spring 2001 but had to postpone till the fall of 2002.
When they opened on September 3rd, people came... About 25.000 people showed up over four days for a park with a capacity of just 4,000.  The subsequent traffic jams and security concerns prompted the police to close Mini Israel down.
Finally, the first week of Hanukkah, Mini Israel opened for real. The first week 15.000 guests visited the park. 'That is what we strove for' said Gazit. The park is officially still in soft opening, with one section still unfinished. The official opening ceremony will come in spring, if all goes well.
Gazit expects about 300.000 guests per year, based solely on local tourism; currently Mini Israel is attracting no international visitors. 'Once we get international tourism, we're expecting half a million. On the other hand, if there's a war in Iraq, local tourism will disappear, too.' Gazit said.
We wish Eiran Gazit and his team succes and we hope for many guests for Mini Israel. Once Mini Israel is officially open, Eiran Gazit is more than welcome to join the IAMP. 

At the beginning of the new season, Miniature Walcheren will have 60 new models in their park. The model builders are working overtime to have all the models in the park before April the 1st. Succes Modelbuilders!

During the winter months when the site in Klagenfurt has to be closed due to weather conditions, some of their models are on tour in Europe.
Large shopping centers have the possibility to rent some of the most beautiful models as a special exhibition. Minimundus delivers the models on several articulated lorries, supervises their being set up, and provide many important extra's like security ropes, info boards and tips on landscaping.
What are the advantages for the shopping centres? Between 20 to 30% more visitors than normal during the exhibition. In spring 2001, the crowds at the City Center in Aschaffenburg were so large that it was even open on Sundays!

Exhibition World Press Photo in Madurodam
On wednesday the 30th of April 2003, a few days after the world première in Amsterdam, the exhibition World Press Photo 2003 in Madurodam will open. Until Sunday the 29th of June 2003 the exhibition can be seen in the miniature city in The Hague.
The exhibition is the result of a yearly returning World Press Photo competition which will be organised for the 46th time next year. Every year more than 4000 professional press photographers from different countries send in together about 50.000 photos from which an international jury makes a selection. Besides the awarded photos in nine different categories - Hard News, People in the News, Portrets, Arts, Sports, Nature and Environment, Science, All day life and Reportage - the World Press Photo of the Year 2002 is to be seen.
A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the photos chosen by a nine-headed international children's jury. The choice of the children's jury including the Children's Press Photo of the Year, is provided with the comments of the 11- and 12-year old members of the jury. For their nearer acquaintance with the Netherlands the children will visit Madurodam on the 16th of februari 2003.
Madurodam is opened year round. Opening hours during th exhibition: every day from 09:00 - 20:00 h. The ticket counter closes one hour earlier. No extra charge is made for the exhibition. Prices of admission: adults 11,00 euro, adults 60+ 10,00 euro and kids (4-11) 8,00 euro.
World Press Photo is being sponsored world wide by Canon, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Kodak Professional.

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