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Newsletter October 2002


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Swissminiatur was opened in 1959. The area for the realization of the project was chosen in the first instance because of the beauty of its landscape choreography and for its climate. From the very start the aim was to synthesize, to symbolize and to summarize Switzerland in some way. Therefore, almost like on a scenery, a mountain symbolizes the Alps as well as the foothills of the Alps, the lakes, according to your imagination, may be lake Leman or the Lake of Costance, a river may be the Rhine as well as the Rhone.
Inside you will find more than 120 models representing the patrician houses, the castles, the cathedrals and other buildings of Switzerland. For the fans of the railwaymodels there are more than 3500 m of rails with no less than 18 trains, funiculars, rackrailways, cable-cars and boats in motion.
Garden-enthusiasts will find more than 1550 different plants and over 15000 flowers.

New in 2002

  • Bailiffs House and Parochial Church of Lottigna
  • National St. Gottard museum
  • bailiffs House of Cevio
  • HIFLYER, of Swiss museum of Transport and Communication in Lucerne




Miniaturepark Klein-Thüringen was founded as a project for employment-development. Models of the most important cultural and historical buildings of Thüringen are shown here at an area of 18000 square meters. The models are on a scale of 1:25. At this time you can find 41 models and 6 others are under construction. Nature-friends can enjoy waterfalls, rivers and many green meadows.
The management of the project-group "Klein-Thüringen" is planning to open its model workshop to the public. The visitor will be able to see how much time, work and patience is needed to built new models.
New in 2002
  • Rathaus Wernshausen
  • Schloss Altenstein
  • 3 Dornburger Schlösser



Sardegna in Miniatura is a theme-parc which contains geomorfological, historical and architectonical aspects of the island of sardegna.
It is build on an area of 30.000 square meters and is particularly well situated in the Valley of Giara di Tuili, near  the Castle of Las Plassas and the ancient nuraghical village of Su naraxi di Barumini in a beautiful environment which gives you the feeling to be back in ancient times and to be part of the beautiful nature of Sardegna.



The modelpark was opened in may 2002. The building activities started in 1996 as a project for unemployed people. They started with 1,4 ha and try now to enlarge it to 3 ha. 86 models are shown and the lenght of the foothpath is 1053 meters. In 2001 a new project started with 14 handicapped persons, they participate in building new historical models.
A visit to the modelpark also stimulates many people to discover the area of mecklenburgische Seenplatte.

Miniature world


The greatest little show on earth shows over 80 miniature displays and 3 virtual tours. Miniature World shows you a wonderful world of smallness, walk down its road and step into the Story Books of fact, fiction and fantasy. Return to those fond memories of yesteryear, those childhood dreams and history's greatest moments!
See the World's smallest operational sawmill, two of the world's largest dollhouses and experience the great Canadian Railway. Visit the wonderful world of the Circus, enter our time warp to Space 2201 AD and return to wander through the Enchanted Valley of Castles and experience the many great Castles of Europe.
Further adventures, tiny treasures and little pleasures await all who continue into frontier Land, Fantasy Land, the Fields of Glory, the World of Dickens and Olde London Towne of 1670. Special effects in lightning, sound and animation are added to create this miniatured extravaganza that continues to thrill and delight the young and young at heart!