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Newsletter July 2002


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Italia in Miniatura is an extraordinary journey through Italy via 272 miniatures of architectural wonders. Over an area of 85.000 square meters, upon which the profile of the Italian Peninsula is carved. The miniatures range in scale from 1:25 to 1:50 and are surrounded by flowers, grass, and bonsai trees and equipped with moving miniature trains, motorways, cable cars, ships, ports and airports. In addition lies a miniature Europe with games and exclusive attractions. New attractions in 2002; Emme's Journeys, Panoramic Tower, Sling Shot and Piazza Italia, revenge of the little people




Bekonscot Model Village is the first model village in the world. It consists of several small towns and villages, set in a beautiful miniature 1930's English landscape, complete with lakes, rivers, farms, fields, a huge railway system and a population of several thousand tiny residents!
The village is surrounded by meticulously maintained gardens, containing dwarf conifers and alpine plants, some of which have been growing since the 1920's.
The model village has begun as a hobby for Roland Callingham, a London accountant. His friend James Shilcock added a model railway. They lived in Beaconsfield and Ascot, so they decided to combine the names and call the village 'Bekonscot'.
New in 2002
  • House on fire
  • Various waterfalls
  • Sit-on railway (118 cm)



The construction of Miniaturk has been continuing for a year in Istanbul. There will be approximately 105 models reflecting the heritage of Turkey exhibited in the park all on a scale of 1:25. Miniaturk is built on a land of 60.000 square metres on the shores of the Golden Horn, a historic district of Istanbul. The purpose of Miniaturk is to let visitors from around the world discover the rich historical heritage of  Turkey. The models will include centuries old magnificent mosques, churches, synagogues, bridges, palaces, towers and natural landscapes. From Hagia Sophia to Blue Mosque; from the Artemis Temple to Bosphorus Bridge. There will also be a miniature railway network, a motorway with moving vehicules, an airport with moving airplanes, thousands of human figures and ships sailing across the Bosphorus.
The park is expected to attract about one million visitors per year.
The construction is progressing well, and the soft opening is scheduled to be in the end of 2002. Istanbul Culture and Arts Products Trade Co. is building the park. The official opening of Miniaturk will be on April 23rd, 2003. Miniaturk is welcome to join the IAMP as soon as the park is officially opened.




Miniature park Appelscha (in the Netherlands) is a realistic reflection of the 3 dutch provinces Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. You can see the contours of these provinces in the park. The miniatures are excellently copied, as is the scenery, on a scale of 1:25.




On an area of 12.000 square meters you will find the most beautyful buildings of the Erzgebirge. All made of wood, according to the tradition of these beautiful surroundings. The purpose of Klein-Erzgebirge was to maintain those traditions and give new impulses to the skills of its inhabitants. One of the highlights is the Eurominiatur. An exhibition of the most beautiful models of famous miniature-parks of Europe. Very impressive is also the toy-museum which is situated just next to Klein-Erzgebirge.
New in 2002
  • Birthhouse of Karl May
  • Sachsenring hohenstein-Ernstthal
  • Castle of Moritzburg
  • Building of Wendt & Kühn KG
  • Station of Oberwiesenthal
  • Castle of Schlettau




Mini-Europe is above all an 'invitation to travel'. The chimes of Big Ben  welcome you to the heart of London, while gondolas and mandolines reveal the charms of Venice, and much more.... There are 350 monuments and miniature working models like the eruption of the Vesuvius or the fall of the Berlin wall. All models are on a scale of 1:25. All against a backdrop of miniature gardens with an area of 2.5 hectares. In the catalogue each region and building visited is described in a commentary which will show you a different view of the EU. There is also a special brochure on European issues to fascinate the more curious ones.
NEW IN 2002
  • Cathedral of Santiage de Compostela
It took more than 11 months and 90.000 euro's to reconstruct this cathedral in every little detail!

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