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Newsletter June 2002


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Pueblochico is a new miniature park located in Orotava Valley on Tenerife, Spain. The park is aproximately 20.000 m2 and includes a botanic garden. The park will open its doors to the public at the 1st of July 2002.
The official opening will be July the 11th.
Congratulations Pueblochico!





The biggest miniature park in Europe in Elancourt near Paris covers more than 5 acres of land in the shape of France itself. Here you can discover 135 of the most famous monuments of France, 150 french landscapes, the longest outdoor miniature railway network, 50 models with authentic accompanying sound, more than 100 boats and ships, a motorway with moving vehicles and many more.
The palace of miniatures houses another world. A tiny, fascinating but true to life world. A palace with ashtonishing interiors, like the lounges of the luxurious ocean liner Normandie, the mysterious atmosphere of the Natural History Museum and so on.
New in 2002
  • the castle of Saint-Emilion
  • the castle of Esclimont
  • the village of  Saint symphorien le château

      3 new religious monuments

  • Mosk of Paris
  • Synagogue Victoires
  • Mas soubeyran



The miniature city of Madurodam was designed to represent the historic development of a Dutch town. It features buildings such as churches, factories, shops, museums and palaces from different centuries, all on a 1:25 scale . Furthermore Madurodam has 2 seaports, an airport and several rail and tramway stations, and canals, windmills and bulb fields of course. The air is full of music and thousand of puppets, acting as Madurodam's inhabitants, show various aspects of life in the Netherlands, from cyclists to football supporters, from construction workers to commuters waiting for a train.
The Maduro Family
Mr. and Mrs. Maduro donated a sum of money for the construction of a miniature city as a monument in commemoration of their son George, who died as a POW in Dachau in February 1945. Madurodam was opened officially on July 2nd 1952 after an example of the English miniature city in Beaconsfield.
Madurodam has always donated its profit after taxes to the Dutch Student Sanatorium. Since the sanatorium closed its gates, Madurodam donates its profit after taxes to a Support Fund Society, which financially supports social and cultural institutions for young people.
New in 2002
  • Solarcity
  • Norfolkline Ship
  • Schiphol Airport (end of 2002)
  • Memorial plaque of architect Bouma



Apart from the beautifully copied Island of Rügen, you can see approximately 60 miniatures. For example the german 'Reichstag' and the french 'Notre Dame' in a beautiful park-like landscape. If you catch a ride on the parktrain 'Emma' you can see all of Rügen Park without walking at all.
New in 2002
  • Schloss  Sansouxcie, Berlin
  • Hagia Sofia, Istanbul
  • Chinese Wall
  • Stock Exchange Copenhagen
  • Basilica, Moscow




Catalunya en Miniatura is the biggest touristic and cultural complex in miniature in the world and the only one in Spain. Its purpose is to let the visitors know de monuments, buildings and the most representative achievements of the Princedom.
The great Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, could not be absent in this park. All his work is reproduced with the fidelity and love that he deserves. The magic of our universal architect shows its best with the fantastic and worldwide known work: The Sagrada Família. Besides the magic run there are also other masterpieces like the unmistakeble Pedrera, The Vicens House, The Güell Palace, The Botines House etc...